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PMAS TECHS is a well renowned global leader in IT Transformation, with an impeccable track record for designing, developing, deploying and delivering end-to-end IT Infrastructure services. With over five years of proven experience, PMAS TECHS delivers cutting-edge IT services and solutions to a wide range of industries spanning 55 countries across 5 continents.


Our Services

The following is the wide variety of services we offer:

Our Services

Global ICT Support

We are a global ICT support provider, supplying services for HP, IBM, DEL, CISCO, FUJITSU, NETAPP, EMC, Oracle/Sun, Hitachi, etc.

24/7 Service Desk

Our professional-support team provides 24/7 support through skype calls, online calls, and by electronic correspondence.

Rollouts & Migrations

We do a wide range of planned rollouts & migrations and offer complete support 24/7 according to business and user needs.
Our rollout methods are fast and efficient and we ensure all upgrades are up-to date.

Network Solutions

IT network support services cover the large majority of your office IT equipment.

Deskside Support 

We deliver custom monitoring and support solutions tailored to your specific needs.

More Services

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